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contemporary artist

Finding magic and beauty in the world surrounding us. Inspired by fate of people, calmness of nature and fost-paced city

I find wonder and beauty in the world around me and feel deepest joy when people experience astonishment and
satisfaction deep in their heart.

Prior to ordering compositions from "Art Tasso" I would like to introduce you closely to my work and myself.

tatjana tasso

Art of materialisation
of your feelings by

about artist
Even though painting of “Art Tasso” is
created for adults it's carrying childlike
spontaneousness and pureness
TassoArt Tasso - is a burst of emotions and magic of colour. I deliver heavenly appreciation of the world, power of nature through form, pallet and content.

My goal is to get the viewer on emotional level, unleash imagination, feelings and, of course, decorate the place.
Today I continue to discover the world of art and open new horizons of my creativity. Works of "Art Tasso” are introduced in Latvia as well as they are abroad.
You can familiarise yourself with art in "Gallery" which you will notice are already emphasising interior uniqueness of private homes as well as public places.
Buy ready
Each painting is 100% handmade of high
quality products. While creating art variety
of paste is used to create volume and
to order
An opportunity to create drawing considering desires of a customer I can create a similar
art and do colour correction and add any
High resolution and true colours results
work of high quality with colour transitions
and can be any complexity
Contemporary and most desired of art is
the one created on a computer using high
tech tools
Each one of my art is 100% handmade
using high quality products. Frame,
canvas, acrylic, professional grade oil.
By using high quality products help to keep the painting longer. There are used different pastes to create volume and texture while creating art.
When painting is finished it is varnished to protect it from UV light, moisture and dust.
Art is handmade that is why slight or subtle changes may occur to your painting It com differ from the photo depending on your monitor settings.
Ways of partnership
I offer You to get personalised order
or get a memorable gift for your loved ones
I will be happy to help choosing the theme, pick the right size, pallet and style
My work is completely hond mode that is why it can differ from the photo depending on light and how your monitor is set. However art will be almost identical. In every work I put 100% of effort that is why I guarantee quolity — you will receive ort better than you ever expected!
Fill out the form to discuss
any further requirements
the heart
Tasso designs are for adult but yet they carry child's spontaneity and pureness. When we grow up we lock ourselves in a bubble, getting carried
away with previous experience and traumas that we lived through. My job is to find that spot left in people’s heart that still craving for that easy naive child life.
a mystical connection
Me, as an artistic person, I see world differently. Sometimes I can see through the person. I feel special connection with past and future which I express in my art and individual approach with my clients. Sometimes my paintings are like a prophecy. That is why I always say whatever you put in painting is likely to come to your life.
Evoke and
Tasso help to talk to your inner self. I live through painting I create, every one of it is exceptional for me. I make them live, I create emotions within them, they have plot, they get right in your heart. They inspire for changes you always put away, help understanding yourself and your feelings.
Room comes
to life
Tasso fill in the emptiness and create just the right mood. My art in your house is not just piece of interior - it's an energy source. By choosing desired art it can create right motivation in the morning, remind you of the most important during
day, inspire, calm you down, create those
harmony evenings.
Glad to share with you my
No matter what path has been chosen by
an artist his life will be fulfilled with desire
to create change and surprise
Need help with ordering
or do you need a special size?
Thank you for visiting my store!
I hope to see you as my client!
thank you!
Contact me,
I will be more than happy to help!
WhatsApp: +371 25 97 36 29
Telegramm: @ArtTatjana