"The salamander of luck" 120х120

"The salamander of luck" 120х120, the painting is made by order
This is a philosophical, even mystical work, which makes it possible to reflect, looking for symbols in the picture that will be about their own for everyone and everyone has the right to decide for himself what story will be embedded in this picture.
Bright, fantasy, like a frame from a dream, where everything is possible. The work is a collage of complicated texture elements. Mosaic arranged elements in which various natural and emotional states are encoded.
One of the main colors of the work is blue, all its shades are concentrated on the right side of the picture. The blue color in many nations symbolizes the sky and eternity. It can also symbolize kindness, fidelity, constancy, location, and in heraldry it means chastity, honesty, good fame and fidelity. "Blue blood" speaks of a noble origin.
In the upper left corner of the work, a multi-colored mosaic salamander, as if it had just descended from the Milky Way, entwined with a rainbow on the red elements of the composition. Red is always the personification of movement, energy, fire, passion, any vigorous activity.


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