“Blue door”, 120x100 cm, (IN STOCK)

“Blue door”, 120x100 cm, (IN STOCK)
A bright blue door against a gray wall is symbolic of opportunity and new beginnings. It represents a portal to something new and unknown, reminding us that there is always a chance for change and growth.

Three keys, varying in size, represent wealth and the many different ways and actions that are revealed to each of us in life. They emphasize the meaning of the choice.
Some decisions from the keys can symbolize instant and minor actions, but can have a huge impact on our lives.
Another key represents the balance between stability and risk, warning us against delaying caution or recklessness.
And the 3rd key opens the door to great opportunities and ambitious dreams, but requires more courage and progress.
Thus, the keys emphasize that in life we ​​always have choices of different scales, and that is why everyone chooses to bear their mark in our destiny. They remind us that our decisions determine our future and that it is important to choose wisely based on our values ​​and philosophy of life.

A blue bird with a cherry in its beak sitting on a doorknob can be a symbol of hope and ascension of the soul. The cherry in her beak is a symbol of the tenderness and beauty within us, which can be found through opening the doors to our inner self.
Together, these elements of the figurative image presented to us about the eternal flow of time, possibilities and inner beauty, we can, thanks to which, overcome obstacles and open new doors in our lives.
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