"Lighting Up" 210х110

"Lighting Up" 210х110, the painting is made by order
The work is both a mesmerizing landscape and a deep meaning of the plot unfolding on the canvas.

A harmonious semi-abstract landscape, where the author of the work plays on dissolved forms, softly painted with a brush, combined with clear, traced lines that emphasize small details in the picture and give impetus to the movement of the eye across the picture. The background is immersed in soft light, the front one spreads in the shade of the foliage of trees.

The grandeur of nature, the magic of the forest and an unexpected element - the silhouette of a man who alone overcomes the height along a stretched cable. An incomprehensible super-task in which everyone will invest something of their own. Emotionally, this picture is soft, warm, bewitching, like nature, but there is also a clear semantic balance that balances this softness. Makes you linger at the picture for a long time to think about what you see.


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