"Abstraction 26", 120х100

"Abstraction 26", 120х120
This abstract canvas unveils a unique path to the world of visual metaphor for the viewer, connecting aspects of life and nature. The background, starting with warm pastel pink shades, smoothly transitions into pastel brown, akin to a journey from tenderness to deep reflection. This range of colors frames our perception, much like a frame around the canvas of life.

Gentle transitions from brown to purple undertones lead us into the realm of introspection and inner knowledge. Then, soft shades of pink and purple seem to caress our gaze, bringing tranquility and harmony. These colors intertwine and create the image of a flower, whose outlines are so abstract that each viewer finds a reflection of their own emotions and experiences within.

All of this is enriched with natural shades of yellow and burgundy, which complement the painting like accents of life's diversity. These shades inject dynamism and energy, reminding us of the inseparable connection between humanity and the surrounding world.

This painting symbolizes the uniqueness of perception and the diversity of life, raising questions about the inner path, the creation of meaning, and harmony with nature.


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