"Emerald world" 120х100

"Emerald world" 120х100
The painting will look great in any room. It will bring luxury and beauty to the interior, as well as bring a lot of positive emotions into your life.

It will not only decorate the interior of the house or apartment, but also transform the life of the person. Fill it with meaning, interest.

The action in the picture takes place somewhere in a mysterious forest, in a magical place where fairies, elves, and various fantastic creatures live. Every flashlight, every yellow star can be a magical creature. Anyone, for whom you only have enough imagination.

Two small, wonderful balloons are rising up. They play the role of idyll, harmony and absolute mutual understanding in partnerships. And thanks to this atmosphere, true love, they have the opportunity to rise above all others. Soar above the clouds and enjoy all the blessings of the world together.

Therefore, this picture will be a price acquisition for those who want to feel true love. And depending on how wide you can open your heart, so much love it will be able to broadcast to you.



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